Celtic Illumination, part 19, Gerard Butler, hogwash and Ip Man

We seem to have drifted away from the main business of this communication which is to explain how to become a Master Candle Maker, however, you need to understand that very, very, few people will make it and I need you to accept this fact.

In Kung Fu, Caine knew that he would leave the Shaolin monastery when he could snatch the pebble from his blind master’s hand.   At Violent Hell I had a similar test however it was called being expelled.   You may think it rather harsh that a future Master Candle Maker and King of Ireland should be expelled however it is only a word and is meant to signify the break between childhood and adult life.   In fact the traditions of the Irish Royal families were copied by many societies throughout the world.  If you watch the film 300 you can see that the king, Gerard Butler, another Celt, as a boy is thrown out knowing he will return a man or not at all, which is exactly what was happening to me.  If you paid attention in school you will also know that it was the Irish who educated the Greeks who then claimed that their society and culture was the crucible of civilisation.  Hogwash.

Yes, we are all different and we all mature at different rates, some claim girls mature faster than boys.  But like the initial process of actually finding me there was an indicator as to when I was ready to leave school or be expelled as they like to say.  That moment was when I fought back.

After all the beatings, the kicking’s, the canings, the Latin and Irish masses, I faced my final test and like the 2008 movie Ip Man, the story of Bruce Lee’s mentor, I faced up to ten priests at one time.  I’m not certain exactly how many priests attacked me.  Perhaps one of the two hundred boys who were watching, and cheering me on I might add, perhaps one of them will step forward and tell us all how many priests attacked me.  But then again perhaps they shouldn’t.  As the future King of Ireland it would be wrong of me to boast about such an event.  Not that I was successful.  Far from it.  However I was released from one stage of my training and could now follow the path to be a Master Candle Maker and future King of Ireland.  But, before I could follow my path I first of all had to find it and as Caine’s Master once said, “When you can walk the rice paper without tearing it, then your steps will not be heard.”


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About celticillumination

Celtic Illumination produces unique Celtic themed candles/craic pots and Tartan Candles. It is (as far as we can tell) the only company in the world to produce 'real' Tartan candles. Most tartan candles are plain candles with a tartan sticker applied. These Tartan Candles have a Tartan pattern run all the way through the candle. Rather than the old adage of "pile it high and sell it cheap" Celtic Illumination does not import in bulk from Asia, or anywhere else for that matter. instead of filling a whiskey glass or tea cup, with wax and adding a wick, we have created something Celtic. Hand made, hand finished, from scratch in our workshop. Even the Celtic Knot range of candles are made from scratch in our workshop, Each candle has a 10mm deep Celtic knot that runs all the way around the candle, other companies stick their Celtic knots on with glue or something similar. Celtic Illumination claim to be the best candle company in the world and they probably are.

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    Greats comments and site. Ubezpieczenia Grupowe

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