Celtic Illumination, part 249, Please look after this bear.


I hadn’t, nor couldn’t, really tell anyone at Abbey Life that I wasn’t staying, that the moment I was officially out of the air force I was on my way.  On my way back home to Ireland, selling spectacle frames, living on a strict diet of draught Guinness, breathing God’s fresh air and pulling lunch out of a lake, or a river, every weekend.    Abbey Life of course had different ideas, well; when I say Abbey Life, I mean the cretins that worked for the company.  I couldn’t believe that these people would refer to themselves as ‘professionals’, the word had a different meaning to me.  One week training in Bournemouth, with traffic directing, mascara wearing, Special Forces don’t tell anyone, weirdoes from all over the world, does not a professional make.  I was in special forces for God’s sake, you never see me talk about it.  In fact the…

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About celticillumination

Celtic Illumination produces unique Celtic themed candles/craic pots and Tartan Candles. It is (as far as we can tell) the only company in the world to produce 'real' Tartan candles. Most tartan candles are plain candles with a tartan sticker applied. These Tartan Candles have a Tartan pattern run all the way through the candle. Rather than the old adage of "pile it high and sell it cheap" Celtic Illumination does not import in bulk from Asia, or anywhere else for that matter. instead of filling a whiskey glass or tea cup, with wax and adding a wick, we have created something Celtic. Hand made, hand finished, from scratch in our workshop. Even the Celtic Knot range of candles are made from scratch in our workshop, Each candle has a 10mm deep Celtic knot that runs all the way around the candle, other companies stick their Celtic knots on with glue or something similar. Celtic Illumination claim to be the best candle company in the world and they probably are.

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